Panasonic G2 And G10 Micro Four Thirds Cameras Leaked

The story goes that Panasonic leaked the upcoming G2 and G10 micro four thirds cameras onto their own website, which 4/3 rumours quickly screengrabbed. However, Panasonic has got in touch with them to say the specs are incorrect. Oh, what to think?

So, we can give you a brief run-through of the supposed specs, or... you can wait and see these two cameras get official. That doesn't tempt you? No? You still want to hear the specs, even if they might not be true?

OK, according to the leaked product info Panasonic put on its very own site, both the G2 and G10 will have 12-megapixel sensors, touchscreen LCDs, an ISO range of 100 - 6200, with the G2 also capable of recording in AVCHD format at 1280 x 720 and 30fps. Hit up 4/3 rumours for the full story, but don't blame us if the G10 has only a 3-megapixel sensor when it's announced. [4/3 Rumors]

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