Palm's CEO Will Email You, Too, But What's He Really Saying?

With new Steve Jobs emails surfacing everyday, someone thought to send Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein a personal note. His chipper response is not necessarily what you'd expect from somebody who's been watching his company crumble into a pile of dust.

Zatznotfunny reader MethodicJon, a "trusted source," sent Rubinstein an email pointing him to this recent fan-made WebOS ad. Later that day, Rubinstein responded.

His exclamation-points-and-smiley-faces, lemonade-stand-sign marketing should immediately strike you as odd. But when you consider it in its greater context, what with Palm's stock recently forecast by one analyst to be diving toward a price of $US0, you get the portrait of a man on the edge. Let's read between the lines:

Note Rubinstein's misspelling of "sometimes"—in his frantic, distraught state, he does not time to reread his emails for typos. The smiley face, an unlikely typographical choice for a 53 year old man, suggests that he is concerned with maintaining a strong, smiley facade to hide his true, undoubtedly frowny feelings.

Rubinstein, whose company is reportedly sitting on a pile of phones they can't manage to sell, is looking for every sale he can get, still trying to spread the Pre gospel, one potential convert at a time. Where one exclamation point might have signaled his enthusiasm, four simply betray his desperation.

This last line, free of any affected excitement, seems genuine. Probably because, genuinely, no one at Palm had ever seen a decent spot for the Pre.

Just kidding! (Sort of.) It's heartening to see Rubinstein trying to act heartened, even in the face of Palm's actually pretty grim situation. But if he's is really taking customers' suggestions under advisement, we have a few things we should probably send his way. [ZatsNotFunny]

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