Paintings For Satellites: Rooftop Art Targets Google Earth Audience

Artist Molly Dilworth doesn't want to waste time showing off her work in stuffy studios. Instead, she's taking her paintings to the rooftops, with vast pieces specifically designed to be viewed by Google Earth's satellites.

There was a similar (though a smidge more lowbrow) attempt at something similar a couple of years ago, when a Canadian student tried to start a global, Google Earth-inspired game of Where's Waldo. Dilworth's images, though, will range from abstract colour swipes to a type of large-scale pointillism, where pictures snap into focus only when viewed from high in the air.

As Dilworth describes it:

My work is generally concerned with human perception of current conditions; the Paintings for Satellites are specifically concerned with the effects of the digital on our physical bodies. All my work begins a series of rules derived from existing conditions. For example, the colour palette for the rooftop paintings is made from the discarded paint available on a given day; the physical surface of the roof determines the shape of the painting.

She's gotten a great head start; the only hiccup is that there's no telling how long it might take for Google Earth's satellites to capture the work. But it's heartening to know that someday all of the ridiculousness found on Google Street View might be balanced out by Google Earth masterpieces. [Molly Dilworth via Inhabitat]

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