Optus Updates Its Prepaid Pricing

Looks like its the time of year for Telcos to update their phone pricing - on top of VHA's post-paid plan updates this week, Optus has just updated their pre-paid options.

In particular, they've added "Turbo Max" options to the pre-paid family, which aside from sounding like it was named by a five year old who just watched Power Rangers, offers 3,000 minutes per recharge for $70, or 3,000 minutes, 3,000 SMS and 2GB of data for $100.

Recharges expire after 30 days, as is typical with prepaid plans. It's interesting to note as well that the Optus website says the plans have "unlimited*" calls to mobiles, although the asterisk clearly says that it's only up to 3,000 minutes. I know it's nothing new, but there really is something wrong with the system where someone can claim unlimited is equal to 3000 minutes...


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