Optus Android Users Can Now Access Paid Apps

It's been a LONG time coming, but Optus has just announced via its Twitter feed that their Android customers can now access all the paid apps on the Android Marketplace.

The timing could not have come at a better time - there's a MotoBLUR launch happening next Tuesday - which is Motorola's Android software UI, and I've been receiving a lot of tips that Optus is going to be the carrier behind the new Moto handsets. So with some shiny new Android devices about to hit stores, it makes sense for the network to allow paid applications for the platform.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]


    Yay! I'm glad they fixed this. now i don't have to swap sims :)

    i was just in a boring meeting, went to Market, and voila!!! i can see paid apps!!
    but haven't been able to buy any! keep giving me connection error!

      It works :) i just had to create a google checkout account... my first bought app: Battery Monitor! hehehehe.. just as a test.

    a year too late IMO, i'll still be switching away from optus when my current contract is up...

    Gee what timing Optus.... because of your own failed attmept to take over the market and Telstra announcing yesterday that they're releasing an Android phone, you've managed to piss off your own customers for more than 12 months by blocking this.

    Lucky they did this I was just a fraction away from switching providers.

    Heh... I did a Optus customer satisfaction survey just yesterday and told them that if I buy an Android handset I won't be sticking with them because of that policy.

    Now if they'll only open up free iPhone tethering like the other networks...

    Wonder when Google will allow Aussie Devs to Sell apps

    now i just need virgin to release an android phone of any type!

    About time. But just to late for me, Optus and Google I've gone back to my iphone and I think my HTC dream will stay in my old gadgets box. I wonder now long it well take to get the nexus one in oz

    Good stuff.

    My contract was up end of this month, and I was about to jump to 3 or Voda to avoid having to use marketenabler.

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