One Day We'll All Have A Living Room Lamborghini

"I want a nine-car garage and be able to enjoy viewing one of them in the living room." And so it came to pass, and the people rejoiced. I love it when rich people go bonkers, don't you?

Honestly, if I had a sweet Lamborghini I'd want to stare at it from my couch, too. This Tokyo (naturally) home was gamely designed by Takuya Tsuchida, who received the instruction above from a client with very particular taste.

Note that the car is on a platform that raises and lowers as you please, placing either in your home or below it. Remember, it's not crazy: it's eccentric. And totally, unbelievably badass. [What We Do Is Secret via Today and Tomorrow]


    That... Is... Awesome...

    I was actually drawing up plans for a house I thought about buying (was more of an office/ semi warehouse in Melbourne) where the garage would be incorperated into the lounge. Didn't have hydrolics etc, but similar concept.

    If you have a nice vehical (or 9) to show off I don't see any reason not to have it as a centre peice in your house.

      In the first photo, I thought it was a glass floor where you could see down to your lambo parked below.. it's not, but still another cool idea.

    wow, i gots to get me one of those!

    It's the Batcave - with all the mod cons! All that's missing is the turntable and labels on every surface (Bat Computer, anyone?)

    Garage entrances have never been so badass.

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