One Day, Robots Will Build Sturdy Skyscrapers For Us

One Day, Robots Will Build Sturdy Skyscrapers For Us

Dubbed a “nested skyscraper”, this building is a concept design which is intended to be particularly good at resisting the effects of earthquakes and other natural disasters. Oh, and it requires robots for construction.

The elaborate design by architects Ryohei Koike and Jarod Poenisch might look flimsy, but in reality it’s one heck of a solid structure:

Building this structure involves a series of robots that stretch over a network of

carbon sleeves sprayed with fiber-laced concrete. A second set of robots wraps

the structure with a steel mesh to allow for lateral movements and can increase

or decrease its density according to structural and programmatic needs.

It would be great to live in one of these and forget about climate and natural disaster worries, but I doubt I could after imagining freaky robot-spider hybrids working on the construction. [DesignBoom]