Oh Hey Look, Another Unconfirmed iPhone Video Conferencing Rumour

Will the next iPhone have video conferencing or won't it? Does anyone really care? If you do, then feast on this, the latest rumor: European mobile provide O2 lists "video calls" as a "key feature" in the "iPhone 4G."

Why all the quotation marks? Because, to coin a UK term, it's more than likely "bollocks." Most likely.

You see, as is the case with all but confirmed, but still technically unconfirmed products—especially Apple products—there's a degree of white lying that goes on in the retail space. Feature sets are often printed on web sites as best guesses or wishful thinking, at which point they are dutifully taken down by stenographers like myself and others, and posted here. Then it's your job, as the reader, to call me a rumour monger. So true! And, a living.

Nevertheless, there's presently a long list of video conferencing rumours floating around in the Internet ether right now, so it's worth considering and debating and flaming, up until Steve Jobs takes that stage over the summer and confirms or denies...something.

Then again, just because a gadget can do something doesn't mean Apple will let it. [TUAW]

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