NYC's New Condom Wrapper Lets You Power On When It Counts

NYC hands out a whopping 40 million condoms every year (although to be fair, 15 million of them were used by Jesus Diaz before he got married). Now, they'll all come stamped with the classic "power on" symbol.

Fifteen thousand people voted on the finalists of a contest to redesign the wrapper, but you've got to assume they passed over some more amusing entries.

The winning "power-on" logo was thought up by Luis Acosta, a designer from Queens.

Other entries in the condom contest were more suggestive. There was the image of a manhole. Another wrapper featured a subway train plunging into a dark tunnel.

Come on, what's wrong with a nice visual metaphor, NYC? Although now that I'm looking at the power on symbol with fresh eyes, I guess it's kind of a visual metaphor, too. Well, I'll never look at that the same way again. [NPR via Geekologie]

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