NordicTrack X7i Could Allow You To Jog On The Moon

Your Technotronic playlist aside, running on a treadmill is inherently boring because you are stuck in a room running on the same platform. But what if you could switch things up and simulate actual, real world topography?

The NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer, $US2000, is loaded with Wi-Fi to interface with iFit Live, a fitness database that pulls actual trail and marathon routes from Google Maps (which, though not supported in the limited official workout library at this time, should really include Google Moon).

The corresponding information shifts your incline dynamically (40-degree incline, 6-degree decline), plus you get to see a bird's eye view that allows you to track progress through your practice environment, or you can even take a look from the ground level through Google Street View.

Now, if only the NordicTrack x7i weren't a treadmill, we'd really be on to something. [NordicTrack via PopSci]



    aside from gravity

    Is it available in Australia?

      No, currently it's not available here in Oz, with no plans by Icon Fitness, they tell me, to bring any of the three NordicTrack Incline models into Australia. So as usual we miss out and get all the third rate crap instead.

      But if enough Aussies ask Icon Fitness to bring the NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer here then they might just change their minds.

      By all the accounts and user reviews I've read of it in the US and Canada, and the UK, all three NordicTrack Interactive Incline Trainers are really brilliant treadmills. They’re especially good for walkers wanting to lose body-fat quickly because of their max 40% incline. The deck of the cheapest of the three models is a bit short though for runners; and it only takes an SD workout card – it doesn’t support iFit Live like the top two models.

      You can see all three NordicTrack Incline Trainers at

      Phone Icon Fitness on Toll-Free 1800-237-173 to ask them to bring the NordicTrack x7i (model # NTL20909) to Oz!

    Hi Richard
    Great to hear you are also onboard for this product thanks for the phone no. I will give them a call. I have been talking to a fitness equipment supplier who has been trying to get the nordic track incline trainers into Australia since early 2010, we have been corresponding reg. updates. According to them there is some POLITICS INVOLVED. which is crap. People like me who can not run due to a reconstruction of an ankle and want to exercise are missing out because of this. I have an elliptical and the motion of this machine just aggrivates my body where as walking doesnt, and unless I walk outside to go uphills I dont reep the cardio benefits. And as we know bad weather can interfere with this.

    I wiill definitely be calling them

    Hi Cat & Richard,

    I was wondering if either of you actually got lucky and got your hands on a x7i Im now in the market myself and would be interested if you got anywhere with Icon?


    Just wondering if Nordic Track X7i is available on the australian market & what price/location?

    Well I'm still trying to get my hands on one, any info on it's progress to Australia is much appreciated.

    waiting for nordic x5 or x7 or x9i treadmill
    can only find rebel sports old model x3 which i heard bad reviews about and for $2999 is a rip off knowing that the x5 sells for$1000 in the USA
    we miss out

    If it helps TVSN are doing the X3 for $2k. I really want an X9i - why cant we get up to date stuff here - it's so frustrating. Does anyone have any news?

    I have spent hours looking for a treadmill and desperately want the x9i - saw the one on tvsn but have also heard bad reviews but they have fixed the problems with the x9i so would b silly to buy the x3

    Anyone tried buying it in the US and shipping it over? Not sure what happens with the warranty though - they do have other Nordictrack equipment in Oz so I am hoping we would get support...

    Icon fitness has the x7i now. I looked into shipping the x9i over but it wont have any warranty support. Considering x7i now...

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