NordicTrack X7i Could Allow You To Jog On The Moon

Your Technotronic playlist aside, running on a treadmill is inherently boring because you are stuck in a room running on the same platform. But what if you could switch things up and simulate actual, real world topography?

The NordicTrack x7i Interactive Incline Trainer, $US2000, is loaded with Wi-Fi to interface with iFit Live, a fitness database that pulls actual trail and marathon routes from Google Maps (which, though not supported in the limited official workout library at this time, should really include Google Moon).

The corresponding information shifts your incline dynamically (40-degree incline, 6-degree decline), plus you get to see a bird's eye view that allows you to track progress through your practice environment, or you can even take a look from the ground level through Google Street View.

Now, if only the NordicTrack x7i weren't a treadmill, we'd really be on to something. [NordicTrack via PopSci]

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