No One Has To Know They're Sony's DR-350USB Gaming Headset

If Sony hadn't slapped a big logo on the side of this headset, I would've thought they had come from Bang & Olufsen instead. Designer for gamers, Skypers, music listeners, the DR-350USB (pictured) and DR-320DPV and DR-31DPV headsets drop in March.

The sexiest of the bunch are the USB PC ones above, which have 30mm driver units and inbuilt microphones with the ability to mute, making them ideal for gaming. They come in black, gold and red.

Seen here in blue, the DR-320DPV is just like the previous model, but without a mute function. It also has a volume control though, which could be handy - and comes in gold, blue, red and black. The pink ones below are the DR-310DPV model, which are also available in white, silver and green - and as you can see from the slender band, are aimed at the laydees. It's got a separate volume control, with the microphone located in the headphones. [Sony Insider via Uber Gizmo]

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