Nickel-and-Diming Downloadable Content Is Gaming's Future

Are you frustrated by game publishers releasing same-day DLC that screw used game purchasers over? How about making you pay for what should be essential, built-in parts of a game? Well, get ready for more of it.

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, is looking for how to squeeze an extra $US5 out of every Madden player. You can already buy new uniforms, old stadiums and player attribute boosts for the current crop of Madden games. But what's next? In this constant bleeding of the consumer, could they offer up new playbooks? Could they charge you for new teams? How much of this stuff was designed to be put into the game and then sliced out to be sold separately?

To be sure, a lot of DLC is great. Additional missions in action games, made after the game was released as an extra chunk of gameplay for the hardcore, is wonderful. But when we're seeing it being used more and more as a tool to screw over used-game buyers and to sell us what clearly should have been part of the original game, publishers are going too far. Where's the line? [Joystiq via Consumerist]

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