Netgear's Universal Wi-Fi Adaptor Connects Consoles, TVs

The Netgear Universal Wi-Fi Internet adaptor can connect anything with an Ethernet port to your 802.11n network, be it an Xbox 360 or a TV. But so can many other devices on the market. What's better about this one?

Much like the Xbox 360 Wireless N adaptor, Netgear's latest wireless N adaptor is tiny, easily squeezing behind components in your home theatre. Plus, it runs off USB power, meaning you don't need to ferret around to plug it in to a powerstrip.

Really, taking into account the convenience, the Universal Wi-Fi Internet adaptor might be the most cleverly designed Wi-Fi adaptor since Microsoft's high-priced 360 dongle. And it works on anything with a USB and ethernet port, from your TV to your Blu-ray player, without special drivers.

Unfortunately, it's similar to Microsoft's dongle in more ways than one. This puppy will run $US80 when it's around this May.

By the way, if you're just looking for a cheap way to connect the 360 to a Wi-Fi network, check out our feature on the matter here.

The Universal WiFi Internet adaptor (WNCE2001) for Home Theater Devices and Gaming Consoles

NETGEAR is also introducing the industry's first compact USB-powered Universal WiFi Internet adaptor (WNCE2001) that works with Internet TVs, game consoles and Blu-ray players. The first of its kind, the adaptor is the only affordable solution in a small form factor that delivers optimal Wireless-N performance and works universally with any Ethernet-enabled CE device. This saves consumers from the confusion and expense of purchasing separate WiFi USB adapters for each CE device in their home theatre.

The Universal WiFi Internet adaptor is powered by the USB port, avoiding the need for a long wire to the power outlet and making it more visually pleasing in the already congested home theatre environment. With NETGEAR Push Connect technology and CD-less set-up, it is truly a plug and play experience.

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