Multitouch Mixr iPad App Lets You Mash Up "A Kind Of Magic" And "Revolution #9"

Multitouch Mixr iPad App Lets You Mash Up "A Kind Of Magic" And "Revolution #9"

So, sure, the iPad may just be an overgrown iPhone. But this teaser shot of Mixr, a fully-featured, multitouch DJ app, should give you a sense of just how awesome apps designed for an overgrown iPhone can be.

The iPhone itself has a whole host of music-making apps, though they’re mostly just novelties. But when you start pumping them up for the iPad’s 9″ screen, they start looking like they’re going t be a whole lot more usable.

The previews for Nota, a piano app, looked good, but Mixr is really mouthwatering. The developers are looking to create a professional-grade DJ app, including “cross-fading, equalizing, cue, drag & drop tracks, and full effects such as delays and auto filter.” Mixr also has a specially-designed library for displaying all of your tracks.

From the looks of things, Mixr has a long ways to go until completion, but it’s pretty thrilling to me that developers are already looking beyond the iPhone and envisioning apps that will take advantage of the iPad’s size and power. Multitouch is great for a lot of things, like jumping around the web and zipping through maps, but for anyone with even a passing interest in making music, the potential applications are as exciting as they are obvious.

While there might be a temptation, as a friend just suggested to me, to spill a beer on the first iPad-wielding DJ douche you encounter, the idea of liberating music-making from dauntingly complex software and delivering it to people’s fingertips strikes me as almost, um, revolutionary. [Mixr]