Motorola T325 Bluetooth Carkit Is Good Because It's Cheap

With all the legal question marks about using your phone while driving, it's amazing that not everybody has a Bluetooth Car Kit installed in their vehicle. Of course, it may have something to do with cost and a fear of technology. The Motorola T325 looks like it counters both those problems by being cheap and simple.

The $99 car kit clips onto your car's visor (like so many Bluetooth speakers) and features dual speakers and echo reduction for clear calls, and automatically prioritises your 25 most frequently used phone numbers into a favourites list.

It's got 17 hours talk time and 2.5 weeks standby, and will automatically switch into standby when you leave the car. It comes with a 12V car charger as well, so you can keep it going without having to leave the vehicle.

Considering the fines involved with talking on your mobile while driving, $99 is a pretty good investment, don't you think?

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