ModulR Case Liberates Your iPad From Your Lap

I like my gadgets how I like my twilight swimming: naked. Cases, like bathing suits, usually just get in the way. But the ModulR case is a little different, letting you mount, strap or kickstand your iPad in different positions.

A lot has been written about how you're supposed to use the iPad, but the question of where you're going to use it seems to me just as important. The ModulR case's answer? Anywhere.

The unique case be attached to different accessories, letting you mount the iPad in the kitchen as a visible, virtual cooking assistant or strap it to a headrest for road trip entertainment.

It's not the prettiest way to dress up your iPad, sure, but if you're one of those people who is all about function, form be damned, this case will squeeze every last drop of it out of your new tablet. No price yet but the Modulr will be available around mid-year. [Modulr]via [Geeky Gadgets]

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