Mobile Phones Become Our Comfort Objects During Disaster

Two days after an 8.8-magnitude earthquake displaced them from their homes and separated them from dear ones, people gathered at a fire-station in Concepcion, Chile to charge their mobile phones - their comfort objects during this disaster.

Chile was becoming a trending topic on Twitter before even the fastest newscasters got a chance to talk about Saturday's earthquake, thanks to many hastily posted tweets - most of which likely came from mobile devices. Tweets, text messages, emails, calls, voicemails - everything flew across the networks, draining phones and granting people some comfort and peace. Just hearing a familiar voice or reading words of assurance - knowing that your mobile device links you to the world, to family and to much needed aid - makes one heck of a difference.

We need food. We need medication. We need a hand to pull us out of the rubble. But we also need a little gadget that lets us cry out to the world so that everyone else has a chance to tell us that it'll be OK. [Boston]

Picture by EVARISTO SA/AFP/Getty Images

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