Logitech Harmony 600 And 650 Break The $US100 Barrier

There are too many Harmony remotes to keep straight, but the new Harmony 600 and 650 are welcome to confuse matters as they'll sell for $US100 and under.

Harmony 600

The Harmony 600 features all of the standard Harmony functions, namely serving as a universal remote that can be programmed - via PC - to turn on your TV, DVD player and receiver when you ask to "Watch TV", plus it's rechargeable and features a screen that's monochrome and backlit. You'll find it for $US80 this month.

Harmony 650

Meanwhile, the Harmony 650 looks pretty much identical to the 600, save for the screen, which supports both colour and icons. This premium will cost you an extra $US20, as the 650 will retail for $US100 (OK, technically $US99.99).

The neat thing, however, is that the Harmony 650 appears to be a repackaging of the existing Harmony 700, a detail that wouldn't be good for more than trivia except that the 700 goes for $US120 and up. In other words, the line is dropping in price. [Logitech]

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