"Lights Off" Video Shows A Different Story When You Turn Off Your Lights

Earth Hour 2010 commences tonight, charging citizens and corporations alike to turn off their lights for an hour to raise climate change awareness. The real benefit, though, is that it lets you watch the cooler version of this light-sensing video.

Obviously the World Wildlife Federation, the group that put the Earth Hour campaign together, doesn't mean for you to turn your computer off at 8:30pm tonight. No, that would be crazy. Just your light bulbs. As an incentive, they put together "Lights Off," a stop motion clip that shows a dude stumbling around his laundry-filled room when you watch it in a room with the lights on.

Flip the switch, however, and said dude becomes a neon knight, valiantly doing battle with various neon laundry monsters.

You can try it out yourself before the appointed hour: Just head to the video's page, click "accept" on the little warning box, and cover your webcam with your finger to flip between the two versions. Taking action against climate change has never been more fun. [Earth Hour]

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