LG's First Windows Phone 7 Handset Will Be Called Panther?

LG's first Windows Phone 7 handset, which got shown off recently in the sweaty palm of a Microsoft director at the Engadget Show, will be called the LG Panther. Apparently. We know LG likes silly names, but Panther?

Of course, there's a more famous Panther in our world - 2003's OS X 10.3, from Apple. The rumoured names comes via the UK site Best Mobile Contracts, which we've never heard of so can't vouch for how solid this rumour is - but after Cookie, Viewty, and whatever else they've managed to slip past their marketing team, Panther is hardly the least-flattering if indeed that's what LG names it. [Best Mobile Contracts via WMPowerUser via TechRadar]

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