Kill Standby Power With The RC Mains Power Saver

Killing off standby power in your gadgets is fast becoming big business. I personally already use one of those Belkin power boards for my home theatre setup, but this looks like it would do a pretty good job as well. The RC Mains Power Saver automatically detects if your gadget is in standby mode and will automagically kill the power to it after a short delay.

And where does the RC element come into it? Why, when you want to turn your device back on - simply switch the adapter on with your regular TV remote - the adapter learns the appropriate signal during the setup process.

Not too sure how this would work with devices that don't work with an IR remote control - like a printer or your PS3, for example - but considering its smallish footprint and the $50 asking price from Latestbuy, that might not be an issue.


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