Joos Orange Solar Charger Has Up To 20x More Sun-to-Power Conversion

There's no way to verify this except to test it, but Solar Components claims their Joos Orange charger has somewhere between six to 20 times as much 3G talk time per hours of sun than their competitors.

This is where we're confused though. Their chart shows that they have 120 minutes of talk time per hour of sun, but rate competitors at just 20 minutes of talk time per hour of sun. However, on their tech specs sheet, they say that they can "make more powe than any other personal solar charger on the market. Up to 20 times more." Or, if you use their reflector kit, which brings in more sun, you can get 30 times more.

So, assuming it's just six times more powerful than anyone else, the question remains: Are these guys just so much better and found a secret to solar power generation, or is everyone else just horrible engineers? Either way, Solar Components supposedly will ship this 5400mAh solar-powered battery in June at just $US100. Sounds fishy for now, but we'd love to test it out ourselves to see. [Solar Joos via iPod NN]

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