Jesus Christ Is The King Of The App Store

We know that ebooks represent the most numerous application type at the Apple Store, even more than video games. The reason: There are lots of duplicate apps of the same book, and one Very Big Book is King of the Dupes.

The Holy Bible has more than a thousand applications at the App Store. We counted up to 1001, but it was too boring to keep on going. Of those copies, not all were free. Some of the most popular works also have multiple copies, some are free, some are paid. Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular, with 48 copies, seven of them available for a few rupees. Dracula has 34, five being paid copies for whatever reason. And so on.

But the Bible beats all of them down by a wide margin. It's the king of all the duplicated books at the store. In fact, given the intense Apple's censorship, it's probably the absolute king of all the App Store application genres. The Gideons are happy. Hope you are happy too, Phil.

Research by Don Nguyen

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