iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, MySpace Team Up To Guilt You Into Paying For Music

A group of online music industry giants, including Apple, Amazon and MySpace, have teamed up to form "Why Music Matters", a group aimed at turning pirates into purchasers.

While I'm certainly not going to argue with the value of paying for music, it's tough to take an earnest plea for buying music seriously when it comes from business middlemen rather than, you know, musicians.

In any case, members of Why Music Matters get what they are calling a "Trustmark" to place on their sites to let users know it's a legit site that will pay the artists if you buy music. Another more obvious way to tell if the site you're on will pay the artists is if it charges you money. If not, you're pirating music! Good thing there's now a Trustmark around so you won't make that mistake again. [Why Music Matters via The Next Web]

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