Is This Steve Ballmer's Secret Twitter Account?

Steve Ballmer recently revealed that he has a secret Twitter account which he uses to "blast out the scores of his kid's high school basketball games". We did a few quick searches and we think we may have found it.

Based on a few old stories we know that Steve's son, Sam, attends Lakeside School in Seattle, so we searched for Twitter accounts announcing scores for that school's basketball games.

There were some accounts which tweeted scores here and there, but there was one which was simply dedicated to one thing and one thing only: LakesideBball.

This particular Twitter account doesn't appear to be affiliated with the school itself, so it would make sense that an athlete's proud parent was behind it. Possibly Steve himself?

While LakesideBball doesn't follow anyone, it does have a fellow by the name of Sam Ballmer among its followers. I didn't discover any other Sam Ballmer's mentioned on any of Lakeside's sports teams, and this particular one is rather excited about his school winning a game:

He also mentions playing on a team several times:

So, it's pretty reasonable to think that this particular Twitter user is Steve Ballmer's son. (Heck, even Fake Steve Ballmer thinks so and follows him.)

Anyway, between that family connection and the fitting tweets, we're led to believe that LakesideBball is very likely the secret Twitter account Steve Ballmer says he has. Either way, I'm sorry if anyone feels that this spoils a little mystery, but c'mon! Steve teased us with a secret.

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