Is Tasmania The Google Street View Black Hole

We've seen plenty of Street View anomalies in the past, many of which originated from Tasmania. But none of them are as as pervasive as Ridgeway Road.

It kind of looks like you're looking up at the stars, with a perverted Xbox 360 logo on one half of the camera. And it just seems to go on and on.

Anybody have a theory as to what caused this little freak of Streetview?

[Street View - Thanks Orin!]



    The driver took a wrong turn on to Rainbow Road?

    Nah, thats just what Ridgeway Rd actually looks like.. so does waterworks rd if you get there at the right time of a sunday morning..

      Haha nice call Jono!

    Hey this is really scary I live near there and after reading this article I went out to take some pictures of the street. I got some onto my computer and they look almost the same as the google pictures. What da hell?? It's really freaking me out now. Can someone else who loves around here try this please? I'm happy to upload and share my pix..

    Nah, that happened in seattle, too. I sent Google a note about it. I was kind of freaked when I saw it. I think it might be the inside of the camera or something.

    But the black hole theory is cooler.

    Also, who the hell tagged this black Whole? RLY?

    This is because its really the secret race track! You should compare it to the mysterious cities of gold. Shut this thread down.

    I went on google maps to find that but it wont let me see the road on street view. Any help?

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