iPad Version Of Wall Street Journal Will Cost $US17.99 A Month

WSJ has reported on itself by saying that "according to a person familiar with the matter", their monthly iPad subscription will cost $US17.99 a month. Now, I'm no Yank, nor plan on buying an iPad, but that seems high, no?

Regardless, it's at least 10 bucks cheaper than a monthly subscription to the dead trees version, so WSJ readers will see it as a bargain I'm sure. Too bad they're a dying breed.

The WSJ article also addresses advertising on the iPad - apparently Time magazine will debut its iPad version with adverts from Unilever, Toyota, Fidelity Investments and three other companies, with each ad said to be setting them back $US200,000 for the full first eight issues. Meanwhile, Wired magazine will offer a little extra something for advertisers who buy eight pages of ads for each issue - with video and "extra features" promised. Esquire magazine won't have any adverts in its debut issue and will cost $US2 less than the dead trees version. [WSJ]

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