How To Manage Passwords In Any Browser And On Any OS

I want a universal password manager - something that can work with any browser and any OS - and I want it to be simple, secure and completely dummy-proof. Turns out that such a thing actually exists. Meet LastPass.

Lifehacker's Kevin has a great guide to how LastPass works and how you can get the most out of it, but here's one of the most important things to keep in mind:

[T] he only thing stored on LastPass' servers is a heavily encrypted bundle of your passwords and the sites they belong to-a form of host-proof hosting. They don't have the encryption key to your passwords (only you do), and the encryption and decrypting all takes place on your own computer, where a backup copy of LastPass' records is always kept. If LastPass became evil, or got hacked, the nefarious doers would have to buy one of Google's server farms to break into its users' passwords.

Sold? I am and will be giving LastPass a shot. You can read all about the password manager's features such as browser extensions, one-time passwords, bookmarklets, secure notes and mobile app compatibility over at Lifehacker. [Lifehacker]

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