Guvera Will Let You Download Free (Ad-Supported) MP3s

Guvera Will Let You Download Free (Ad-Supported) MP3s
 src=I’d never heard of Guvera before Gus’ story on Lifehacker yesterday. Launching on March 30, it’s a music download store which offers free MP3s from EMI and Universal music. The catch? You’ll need to look at advertising.

Gus has been playing with the beta, and his thoughts are that it’s not quite as easy to use as a dedicated online store:

You search for an artist and, once you find a track you like, have to click through to an advertiser-sponsored page which includes your track and others in vaguely similar genres. You can increase your credits by visiting more sponsor pages and by completing the profiles on your taste in areas such as music, travel and gadgets.

Still, free is the magic number for most people when it comes to getting music online, and if there’s no threat of legal implications by checking out a few ads, what’s not to like (aside from limited catalogues?)

[Guvera via Lifehacker]