Google Must Take New Street View Photos Every Six Months In UK

After villagers chased the Street View cars away in Buckinghamshire, England, it became pretty obvious last year that a lot of Brits were unhappy having their houses and streets documented online. Now, European regulators have told Google they must delete images obtained by the street cars every six months.

Google currently updates Street View annually with new photos, but the EU reckons they need to change their retention policy to just six months. The mind boggles with the time and expense that'd throw Google, so I wouldn't be surprised if this one goes to court - which is just what Google needs after being hit with an antitrust investigation by the EU last week, and the whole business over in Italy where three Google employees were convicted in a Google Video lawsuit.

One day Google will pull its services out of Europe forever, and then we'll be stuck using Bing, Symbian and Streetmap. WILL YOU BE HAPPY THEN, HUH EUROPE? [Telegraph via TechRadar]

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