Garmin Launches EcoRoute HD In Australia

Car nuts like to look at all the complicated details that go on under the hood, and Garmin announced last year they were going to let their Nüvi lineup of satnavs display that info with the ecoRoute HD. Well, now Garmin has announced that Aussie rev-heads can enjoy the same technical info displayed as well.

The ecoRoute HD is a little Bluetooth dongle that plugs into a car’s standardised onboard diagnostics port (OBD II), it transmits key diagnostics from your vehicle to the nüvi satnav. Things like intake air temperature information, coolant temperature data, throttle position and engine load, intake manifold pressure, battery and charging system information, mass airflow rate, timing advance and emissions are all available, if you know what that stuff means.

The ecoRoute HD will launch in early April for $199, and will work with upcoming nüvi models as well as the 1260, 1390, 1390T and 1490T models on sale now.


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