FujiFilm Z700 Point And Shoot First To Offer Pet Detection

At least in the parts of the internet I frequent, pets have been enjoying an unusual popularity as of late. FujiFilm's Finepix Z700 helps you join the fun with technology that snaps a photo when your furry friend smiles.

The 12MP point-and-shoot extends its face recognition software to the other members of your family, tracking your cat or dog's mug and snapping the photo when it looks at the camera.

This is the first iteration of the pet detection software, and apparently there are still some kinks to work out. At a camera show in Japan this week, the camera excelled at capturing stuffed animals but was a bit less successful when live animals were thrown in front of the lens. It also has trouble tracking animals if they're moving around.

But if your pet is sitting perfectly still, and is of a type mentioned on FujiFilm's extensive list of breeds that work best with the technology,. the Finepix Z700 might help you get that perfect shot.

The camera will be available later this month for $US280. [FujiFilm via PC World]

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