First Peek At The JooJoo Tablet's Guts

When Jason first played with JooJoo's tablet, he caught a fleeting glimpse of a 1.6GHz Intel Atom in the device's BIOS. Via the FCC, now we know for sure: It's based on the Atom processor, and as predicted, Nvidia's Ion.

The rest of the tablet's innards are pure netbook, which marks a totally different approach than Apple took with the iPad, which is, in hardware terms, a scaled-up phone. The Atom N270 + Ion combo bodes well for performance - we've already seen the JooJoo decode HD video without any trouble& - but not so much for battery life, which JooJoo claims runs for five hours, to the iPad's 10.

But honestly, hardware is less than half the story: It's software that's going to win the tablet wars, and with their latest UI revamp, Fusion Garage seems to at least know this, for what it's worth. (A little!) [JkkMobile

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