Exetel Head Honcho: "Gamers Have No Life"

Yesterday afternoon at the Kickstart Forum up in Queensland, there was a bit of a panel discussion about the government's IT policy over the past 12 months. You know, NBN, Internet Filter, structural separation of Telstra... All those things that mean we get to have a "Conroy" tag. On the panel were (among others) Senator Scott Ludlam from the Greens and Exetel chief John Linton, who thought the discussion would be a perfect opportunity to call all Labor voters "stupid" and argue that gamers have no life.

While discussing the NBN and its potential 100Mbps speeds, Linton said that the only people who wanted 100Mbps speeds were people with no life, like gamers.

Shay over at Kotaku has more details, but if you're an Exetel customer who wants 100Mbps speeds, how do you feel about the fact the boss of your ISP thinks you have no life?


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