Exclusive: First Look At Kogan’s Tablet “Prototype”

Exclusive: First Look At Kogan’s Tablet “Prototype”

 title=Ruslan Kogan admits that he doesn’t make demand. He’s not someone who can come up with a product and make people want it. But when a company like Apple turns around and creates interest in a whole new segment of computing device, Kogan knows he can service that demand. And that’s what he’s going to do when he releases his Kogan tablet device.

Ruslan gave me the first look at his early “prototype” tablet device. (UPDATE: As some commenters pointed out, this isn’t so much a prototype as it is a starting point for his own tablet. Everything else stands though – NB) Emphasis sits heavily on the “early” part. The device he showed me didn’t have a final design, didn’t have final specifications, but had enough of an appeal to make it interesting.

The tablet, which has a 7-inch 800 x 480 LCD screen (which is resistive in the prototype, but will be capacitive in the final version). The device will come with 2GB of internal memory, pre-installed Android and Ubuntu operating systems, a 600MHz ARM processor, 512MB RAM and the ability to use part of the 2GB internal storage as virtual RAM. There’s an HDMI output, USB connection, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD card slot, kickstand on the back and built in Wi-Fi.

But if everything goes to plan, the biggest advantage of the Kogan tablet will be the price – Ruslan is targetting a $200 price point. There may be different models, perhaps incorporating a webcam or bundling an 8GB SD card.

Ruslan reckons the tablet could be shipping within a month. But at the moment, he’s holding off on signing off on it because of his personal doubts. Despite customers demanding a tablet device, he’s not personally convinced on the platform. He’s asking for customers to persuade him on his blog, but he’s resigned to releasing the device before the World Cup later this year.
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