Electro-hypersensitivity: The Gadget Allergy

A man hassled a neighbour over his Wi-Fi allergies, and we dismissed him as a member of the tin-foil hat brigade. Now we're reading PopSci's look at the electro-hypersensitivity - the real deal gadget allergy - and we're feeling sorta like arseholes.

The article opens with an anecdote of Per Segerb├Ąck, a serious electro-hypersensitive who lives in a cottage north of Stockholm. He can be rendered unconscious by a single mobile phone call.

The sickness stems not from the gadgets themselves but from the electromagnetic radiation they produce; it seeps from phones, computers, televisions, and pretty much anything else that you'd say defines our modern society as modern. Making matters even worse for Segerb├Ąck and the similarly afflicted is that the science on electro-hypersensitivity is far from a consensus.

Still, fainting from a phone call is hard to argue with. Check out PopSci's article for the full story of people who really can't stomach gadgets. [PopSci]