Dubai's Ferrari World Roller Coasters: Please, Please Don't Break

OK, Dubai. Your largest building gets shut down for "electrical problems". Your 7.5 million litre shark tank sprang a leak. So what do you do to bounce back? Build the fastest roller coaster ever. This is terrifying.

Pictured above is a Ferrari F430 replica four-seater roller coaster car. As you can see, it'll run in parallel tracks with another car, giving passengers the feeling that they're actually in a race. The Ferrari, though, is a kitten compared to the park's planned F1 coaster that's rumoured to travel up to 149MPH.

It's important to remember that when these coasters derail, it'll be in the desert, so be sure to take a water bottle or two with you on your ride. Also, a helmet. Also, the understanding that Dubai is crumbling and wants to take you out with it. [Jalopnik]

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