Dr NakaMats May Have Invented Nearly Everything You Hold Dear

This man says he invented over 3000 things including floppies and springy-shoes - frequently while diving underwater until the point of near-death. He basically thinks Thomas Edison's an uneducated wimp who quit at 1093 inventions. Sounds ridiculous? Watch this:

Part of me wants to believe that Yoshiro "Dr NakaMats" Nakamatsus' story is just a cleverly spun tale, that no man can be this brilliant and prolific of an inventor while still maintaining a sense of humour. But then I recall some horrifying karaoke nights and realise that only an individual with a wicked taste for the absurd could've wrought such a horror.

Aside from karaoke machines, NakaMats also claims to have invented floppy disks, a weird golf putter, compact disc players, digital watches, springy-shoes, hydrogen-powered engines, a crazy arm chair that which may or may not have made some man's cancer worse, and a lot more. Sure, there's talk that he may be a complete loon who's just spouting lies and barely invented anything, but who cares? The man's amusing on video. [Motherboard]

Picture from NakaMats

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