Deodorant Cannons Wage War Against Landfill Stench

"Alright men. Listen here and listen good. This landfill is one mean sumovabitch. And boy does it stink. Stinks bad. So we're rolling out the heavy artillery: One-hundred stink-killin', air-freshenin' cannons. I love the smell of deodorant in the morning."


Look at your stick of deodorant, now back to this deodorant cannon, now back to your stick, now back to the cannon. Look down, back up, where are you? A landfill in Beijing (on a horse) blasting stink to smithereens.

Either way, 100 of these truck-mounted, air-freshening cannons will be aimed at a Beijing landfill that has been blanketing the area with an unpleasant stench, much to the chagrin of its neighbours.

The cannons blast several gallons of sweet-smelling mist every minute at a distance of up to 164 feet. Chinese officials are yet to announce whether they will opt for "original scent" or "alpine rush" ammunition. [Popsci]

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