Condé Nast's iPad Magazines Launching This Month

Every man and his dog is aware that Condé Nast has been working on iPad magazine apps for their popular titles such as Wired and GQ, but apparently we'll see GQ's April issue available (presumably) this month.

According to the NY Times, they're expected to announce details concerning their internally developed iPad magazines today, via a company-wide memo. The info won't be kept on lock-down I'm sure, so by the end of the day we should have more firm details - like just how much Condé Nast will be charging, and whether subscribers will get free access to the iPad version of the mags.

GQ, which already has a popular iPhone app, will be the first title available to the public, with Vanity Fair and Wired's June issues available (I'm guessing) in May, and then The New Yorker and Glamour sometime in the coming months, all sold through iTunes. Wired, being the tome of internet-savvy readers, will also be up for grabs via "non-iTunes formats". [NY Times]

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