Complain About Phones During A Movie, Get Stabbed With A Meat Thermometer

Next time someone complains about your habit of using a mobile phone in the cinema, just casually tell him this story of a man who got stabbed with a meat thermometer after making a similar complaint.

It was 9pm on a Saturday night and people were watching Shutter Island in an LA cinema when a man started whining that a woman seated near him was talking on her mobile phone. He thought his concerns were well-received when he noticed the woman and her two fellows get up and leave. The next thing he knew though, he had a meat thermometer sticking out of his neck, courtesy of one of the men.

The complainer has been hospitalised and the stabber has not been caught. So be careful about what you say at the movies. [LA Times via Boing Boing]

The meat thermometer pictured was probably not involved in this stabbing. It's an image from this neat guide to grilling

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