Cold War Bunker On eBay Has Bids Reaching $US35,000

You'll have to travel to England's Peak District to collect - and when I say collect, I mean "bunker down", but the 15m x 15m bunker in a genuine souvenir from the Cold War, used by the Royal Observer Corps.

It's got electricity, a chemical toilet, and "panoramic views" according to the seller - but you're obviously not buying it for a viewing point across the dales. You're buying it IN CASE OF NUCLEAR WAR.

The 1950s-era bunker is buried 4.5m underground, and was used by the Corps to monitor the the threat of nuclear attacks. This particular bunker now lies in private land, but was fully operational until 1991, with three staff working in shifts within the two rooms. eBay seller Chantburgess says "the bunker can continue to be used as limited living accommodation for short periods or adventure holidays". Did he say "continue"? Does that mean there's a slight possibility the sale of the bunker may provide some comrades in friendly war games? [eBay via Daily Mail]

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