CeBIT Remainders: Eight Reasons We Didn’t Go

CeBIT Remainders: Eight Reasons We Didn’t Go

Every year, Hanover, Germany hosts hordes of tech journalists, analysts and PR people for CeBIT. It’s like CES, sort of, except further away and more boring. We decided not to go this year; it ends tomorrow. Here’s what we missed!

To be clear, these were some of the bigger stories of the conference, at least for American audiences. We’ve written a few other CeBIT stories up as well, which you can find here, but by and large, the event just sort of came and went. So, this is what was happening over in Hanover this week, while the rest of the tech world was going about their business.

Pierre Cardin Tablet: Wikipedia tells me that Pierre Cardin is a “Italian-born French fashion designer” who is famous for his “space age” clothing designs. He’s paired up with a small Taiwanese OEM to make a tablet – the old foldy kind, not the slate-like new kind. It’s pink, and it will cost $US450, if it ever hits stores here.

ASUS EeeTop ET2010PNT and ET2010AGT On the exterior, ASUS EeeTops are basically a budget take on the AIO concept you’re familiar with from the likes of the iMac and HP’s Touchsmarts. On the interior, as with most ASUS products, they’re incomprehensible parts soup.[imgclear]

Shuttle I-Power External GPU: Breaking news, for people who would like to buy a box that’s nearly the size of a netbook and which can help boost their notebook’s graphics capabilities! (But only certain notebooks, because you need a special adapter!) The Shuttle I-Power External GPU is ready to accommodate your fantasies.

1Cross B’ook ereader: enTourage eDGe on a budget: The first step here is to try to remember what the enTourage eDGe is. Now that you’ve done that, the second step is to figure out why you care about this cheaper, gaudier and somehow less practical take on the same concept.

Intel Atom for Storage Devices: Intel’s Atom processors, traditionally meant for netbooks and cheap laptops, are about as unglamorous as tech products get. I’d even hold that this was true five minutes ago, which was before I’d even heard about the Intel Atom for storage devices, which is a special version of the platform for household and small business network storage devices.

New Intel Classmate: Intel’s ultra-budget Classmate convertible tablet PCs are evolving! (Slightly!) Here is the reference design for the newest one, which is quite similar to earlier reference designs on the outside, but adjusted slightly for cost and performance reason on the inside.

LG 12x Blu-ray drives: Did LG not have 12x Blu-ray writers before? Are these just new versions of their old Blu-ray devices? Such are the mysteries of CeBIT, which could easily be solved, if anyone cared enough to Google for backlinks.

ASUS O!Play USB 3.0: We’re big fans of the ASUS O!Play set-top boxes around here and we’re not very slightly more enamoured with the concept, now that it supports USB 3.0.