Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Today is going to be a big one. First up, there's the Australian launch of Powermat wireless chargers, then a brief hands on with the HTC Desire for NextG and finally some time with Playstation for God of War 3. Phew - I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Belkin’s New Wireless Routers Come With Their Own Apps Oh. My. God. Applications. In a router!

Google’s Sergey Brin On Microsoft’s Refusal To Tackle Chinese Censorship Oh, them's fightin' words.

Why The World’s Biggest Book Publisher Is Avoiding The iPad Think $$$...

Adobe CS5 Launching April 12 Is it just me, or did it take forever to move from CS2 to CS3, but CS3 to CS5 has flown by.

What The Supposedly Leaked Apple iBooks Pricing Really Means Not too much, really.

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