Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

Hope your St Patrick’s Day wasn’t so intense that you are not yet on your feet? Who am I kidding. If that was the case, good luck to you!

XpanD’s Universal 3D Glasses On Sale In June
If it’s the real deal, this would solve a serious 3D TVs issue before we’re too far out of the gates. Yay!

Braille Rubik’s Cube Would Take 54 Times As Long To Complete
But the satisfaction would last a lifetime.

How To Hack Windows Laptops With Mac-Like Trackpad Gestures
Trackpad gestures are worth the effort.

Mind-Bending Video Proves That One Publisher Gets It
But then, Penguin was always the trailblazer.

Avatar 3D Blu-ray Not Coming Until 2011
Oh dear. Wonder what that one movie alone will do to Christmas 3D TV sales?

Seagate ST-506: The Daddy Of Modern Hard Drives
Honouring the classics.

Scientists Successfully Embed Silicon Chips Inside Human Cells

Google, Intel, And Sony Team Up For Android-Based Google TV
This is gonna be interesting.