Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

 title=Sorry for the latish wrap – I was busy feeding giraffes and patting Koalas while playing around with the new Samsung NX10 camera at Taronga Zoo this morning… Anyway, here’s the best of the last night’s feed:

Nintendo 3DS: The Details
What do you reckon? DS in 3D, or 3 screen DS?

Project Natal Needs 4 Metres Of Free Space
No Natal for apartment dwellers then…

The Rotting Corpse Of Windows Mobile: Goodbye Mobile Firefox
I can’t see this upsetting too many people.

An Underground Nuclear Reactor Powered By Bill Gates’s Money
If he buys a grey jumpsuit, I think we can officially call him Dr. Evil.

Sony Responds! “We Are Never Going To Be As Narrow As Apple”
This is a good thing. Although they could definitely lose some extra weight…

Video Of The Virgin Galactic Enterprise
I wanna ride it!