Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

You know what's kind of weird? I really missed you guys while I was off on holidays last week. I went mobile phone and email free all week too, which of course means I've got mountains to work my way through today. Oh well, it was worth it. I FINALLY got around to hiding those front speaker cables in the home theatre setup. For the record - it looks great.

Anyway, wrap time! (Also - Thanks to Shay for filling in for me last week!) Macs Vs PCs On Operating System Security I love the country...

Windows Phone 7 Emulator Shots Show Inconsistent Vision It could be Windows Phone's greatest strength or biggest weakness - only time will tell...

Google Wants 3D Graphics Acceleration Directly In Chrome If this takes off, we're really going to be changing the way we compute.

Giz Explains: The Future Of Storage Plugs in the back of the head, Matrix-style?

Steve Jobs On Organ Transplant Lists: “I Almost Died” Waiting But he didn't, so everybody's happy. Or something.

The Science Of Flatulence, Farts, Oops Poops And Toots Ppppffffffftthhhhhtt.

How To: Hide Your “Collection” Under the bed just doesn't cut it in the digital age.

Ben Folds Takes Chatroulette On Stage With "Ode To Merton" Ben Folds is awesome.

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