Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

 title=I watched Star Trek again on the weekend. Man, I love that movie. On a related note, if you’re into all things Oscars, the Sugar girls here at Allure are going Oscars crazy today, so check them out… Now, back to the gadgets:

HTC: Don’t Carry Your Nexus One In Your Pocket
Buy yourself a man purse.

Panasonic G2 And G10 Micro Four Thirds Cameras Leaked
Yummy. Very yummy.

Official: iPad Launching In US April 3, Pre-Orders March 12
“Late April” for Australia. Who’s excited?

Microsoft Courier’s Devolution
Still looks pretty sweet…

How Apple Plans To Make You Watch Ads With Cheap TV Shows
I’d do it so long as the ads aren’t overwhelming. Oh, and if the shows were FREE.

Review: Alice In Wonderland 3D Doesn’t Need The 3D
Does anything need 3D?

Ballmer On Xbox: We May Have More Form Factors, Price Points And Options In The Future
Yay, Xbox!

Microsoft Demos Game Across Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, And Windows 7
Unbelievably awesome. This would make me switch to WinPho7S