Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

So tired - stayed up way too late playing Heavy Rain last night. Definitely the most immersive and gripping game I have ever played. I need to man up though - heading into Taronga Zoo to check out Samsung's new cameras tonight.

The iPad Kindle App Is A Peek At Kindle’s Full Colour Future So I get to read my Kindle books on the iPad, hey? In full colour? That could work.

HTC Sense Ported To Motorola Droid Wouldn't it be easier to buy a HTC phone?

The Panel: A Portable Monitor For Laptops, iPhones, Xbox 360s I wonder if Tom Gleisner has anything to do with this?

Bottle-Opening Remote Makes Sitting On The Couch Drinking Beer Even Less Labour Intensive This is the single greatest invention mankind has ever conceived.

Blood, Sweat And Photographic Tears Wow. I doubt any of the photos I take at Taronga tonight will involve parasites.

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