Bizarre Story: Newegg, Fake Core i7 Processors, C&D Order

I forgive the dude's overly snide narration because he just received a fake Intel Core i7-920 processor from Newegg. A Newegg supplier, D&H Distribution, sent them 300 fake processors in a batch of 2000. And threatened sites who reported it.

Several people received demonstrably fake Core i7 processors from Newegg, like the guy in this video, and reported it into HardOCP's forums. Newegg's been immediately replacing counterfeit processors with legit ones, but the whole thing's still pretty fishy. They're blaming one of their suppliers, D&H Distribution for sending them the bad chips.

For reporting on it, D&H is serving up a C&D to HardOCP, telling them to "remove the contact and any reference to D&H from your website" and to "post an immediate retraction and apology" which shall remain posted for not less than 30 days. They're shady dudes, obviously, so what do you expect?

What makes me sad is Newegg's shitty cover story:

"Newegg is aware of a shipping error that occurred with certain recent orders of the Intel Core i7-920 CPU. After investigating the issue internally it appears one of our long term partners mistakenly shipped a small number of demo boxes instead of functional units."

Demo boxes with completely fake products? Right.

Intel, meantime, is currently investigating a flood of counterfeit Core i7-920s hitting the market.

Myself, meantime, isn't ordering anything from Newegg, until this gets straightened out. And I was just thinking about building a new PC for Bad Company 2. Good thing it's still pretty broken! (Thanks EA.) [HardOCP via Hot Hardware]

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